Home-made jewelry & Cards by 2 Amazing Brooklyn-based Artists

This winter has been brutal and I give all New Yorkers (and New Englanders for that matter) a tremendous amount of credit for enduring this treacherous season AND for not going absolutely postal!  I hold my breath and do the sign of the cross as I state, tentatively, that I think we are on our way to better and brighter weather.  Fingers-crossed1

On a recent trip to Brooklyn Night Bazaar http://bkbazaar.com  this past December my eyes were opened up not only to this amazing even space, but to the incredible artists who showcase their work there.

First was the really sweet girl who made quirky homemade cards and posters.  A Brooklyn artist.  Her company www.hashtagtheplanet.com  I was taken aback by how quirky and unique her cards were.  I loved that they weren’t trying to appease the masses, but rather spoke a simple truth that some or none may relate to.  My favorite had to be her cards that say “Banksy is a _________  just like me” with all of the different astrological signs.  New Yorkers have a cult-like fetished obsession with Banksy.  I think it is something which identifies all of us as New Yorkers- this common tie that at some time or another we have been privy to some of Banksy’s works of art in our every day life.  It’s a pretty cool thing to be walking in our neighborhood or in central park and then realize that we have fallen upon a work of art by a local artist.  Banksy makes us smile, and makes us think, but most importantly he makes us proud that we are able to share the same NYC streets and pavements which provide the canvas for his artistic expressions.    Kudos Liss West.  Your cards are whimsical and clever and your independent spirit is inspiring.  Love this one: banky_sagitarius_large

Next I have to say that I’m loving this pop of greenery with this unique Jewelry line.  The With Roots Jewelry line.  The line was created by Brooklyn-based artist Sharon Goldberg.  Each piece of jewelry features a tiny terrarium with real plants living inside.  Yes.  You read that correctly, the jewelry, actually, incases a tiny terrarium.  To quote the site:

With Roots pieces aren’t mere novelties;
they’re well made terrariums that are
self-sustaining and designed to be worn
on a daily basis. In Goldberg’s own
words, they’re “the perfect way to wear

With the insane amount of snow and bitter temperatures, I am thinking that these creative pieces of jewelry could provide the perfect gift for friends who, much like yourself, are ready to be done with winter and embrace the spring!  My favorite piece in the collection is this one.

Tusk Terrarium Necklace (Gold Plated)  $45


Tiny self sustaining terrarium on a 24″ gold or silver plated chain. Necklace slips overhead.

Please see http://www.withroots.com/about page for care instructions.


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