Last minute Christmas Ideas!

We all have that family member (or members) that we just don’t know what to buy for Christmas.  Nothing seems right and the idea of going into a crowded store and purchasing yet another sweater seems too boring and torturous to handle.  Fear no more.  I’m going to list a few of my favorite Christmas gift ideas when you are stumped and / or burnt out by holiday shopping.

1.  Antrhopologie’s Capri Blue Jar Candle :  Volcano  $28


This candle smells like heaven and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t instantly fall in love with the scent.  Buy it and you will be addicted and need to have one in your house at all times.

2.  Spa Certificates.

People always find a reason to talk themselves out of why they shouldn’t be spending $ on a massage or facial, so that is why I think spa treatments are the perfect gift.  It is something that anyone (especially women) will love.   Not sure where to get one from?  Check google and yelp for reviews of spas in your area.  You can also check out spa deals through sites that specialize in attracting new customers through promotions like:


These sites can provide excellent discounted spa services, but before you purchase one it is wise to read reviews of the spas online to see if they are gift-worthy.  In my experience Giltcity seems to always have the top tiered establishments featured on their site.  With world class salons and spas like BlissSpa regularly doing promotions through Giltcity, it is a safe bet that most spa promotions through Giltcity will be a wise investment.

3.  Jambox by Jawbone $129


Everyone loves music and this is a great way to take the party with you no matter where it is.  It’s a portable speaker with amazing sound quality.  The great thing about it is that it is small enough and light enough to throw in your purse (the thing weighs less than a pound- only 12oz!  It’s like holding 3/4 of a pound of deli meat)  It comes in really fun colors and designs and you even have the option to design your own- if you are so inclined 🙂  Seriously great gift and not breaking the bank at $129

4.  Gift Certificates

I know I am stating the obvious with this one, but you would be amazed how many people feel weird about giving gift cards.  “Doesn’t it look like I didn’t put any effort into it if I give a gift card?”  Ummm.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Buying a gift card is giving someone the ability to actually enjoy a gift!  🙂  You know they will love what they end up getting with the gift card because they are the ones picking it out.   Just be sure you are getting a gift card to a store that the person actually likes.

Example – Gift card options for my sister go something like this:

J. Crew



Example – Gift card options for my brother go something like this:

Brooks Brothers

Apple Store


5.  Wine of the Month Club

I have never received such profuse gratitude and so many happy thank you’s from my father as when I got him a “Wine-of-the-month” membership a few years ago for his Christmas.  I not only was thanked profusely the day he received it, but I received a phone call and a sincere thank you every time an order came.  Let’s just say I felt very popular and it completely validated my theory that I’m his favorite 🙂  The child in this video echoes the triumph I felt after bestowing this gift to my father:

There are many great wine club choices out there.  A couple that I really like are Lot18   images-4

and the Club W  Unknown-2

6.  Fun Coffee Mugs

I’m partial to these Monogrammed coffee mugs from Anthropologie $8 each


Great Stocking Stuffers Unknown-9

1.  JVC Gumy Earphones

I’m obsessed with my iPod and listen to it constantly whilst meandering down NYC streets.  I’ve become an aficionado (of sorts) with regards to headphones.  I’ve tried every brand out there and my bestie Devin and I have agreed that Gumy headphones are hands down the best ones out there!  They have the best sound quality, durability, and they come in fun colors (I have hot pink while Devin has a bright blue pair) and they are SUPER SUPER CHEAP!  They are less than $6!  BEYOND Amazing.


2.  Fun Magazines

The tabloid and fashion mags are my faves (Think Allure, Elle, Life&Style, Star) but guys would probably prefer GQ or Vanity Fair


3.  Lindt Lindor Truffles


4.   Mani / Pedi Certificates  


5.  Fun Trinkets that you secretly want but won’t buy

I like things that you’ve seen in infomercials and can’t justify buying (although you are secretly dying to buy it).  I feel like the Veggetti falls well into that category and it’s only $15, so what do you have to lose.  Plus it’s actually probably the perfect stocking gift because everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to always lose weight.  Hmm I might have to actually buy one of these suckers 🙂


6.  Cute IPhone Cases

Pretty much every one has an iPhone, so getting a really cute IPhone case like this one by Jonathan Adler is a really sweet and thoughtful way of sprucing up an everyday mundane device! has a lot of cool options like this really cool tiffany blue and grey aztec patterned one for $38


Have a Merry Christmas!!! xoxoxo

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