Cozy from head to toe

It may only be December, but it feels like the dead of winter.  So, with the onset of frigid temperatures and wind chills (that seems like something out of a sic-fi movie) there lies the task to stay warm and look cute.  Every year I get stuck with the same dilemma with this type of cold.  Wrong boots and aesthetically unforgiving hats.  This year I’m prepared!  I’ve found some amazing boot and hat options to keep my feet and head warm all while looking stylish and cute!  Yay!  Gone are the days of looking as though you are stomping around on two dead white rabbits!  Winter boots don’t have to look like a spoof of Jim Carey and Jeff Daniel’s Aspen costumes from “Dumb and Dumber.”

GAG!!!!! Unknown  YUCKKKKKKK.  It’s like choosing to look like a Yedi from the shin down.  EW!

1.  Sorel Boots!    They have an amazing range of stylish winter boots- my fave styles are the “Joan of Arctic” premium boots ($195) as seen on Elle McPherson and the “Caribou boots” ($140) as seen on Katie Holmes!  They both look beyond adorable (and cozy) in these stylish winter boots.  The other Sorel style which I’m lusting after is the Tofino boot ($150)


Joan of Arctic:  NL1986_439_f

Caribou:  NL1005_280_f

Tofino:  LL1846_011_f

2.  Cute Hats.  I have two designers that I have in mind for my next hat purchase:  Eugenia Kim and Sunghee Bang.  I never thought I would put so much thought and deliberation into a hat, but then I started thinking about it.  A hat can either highlight your face in a beautiful and stylish manner or make you look like an awkward claymation Elf from a holiday christmas movie.  I prefer to have a hat that does the former rather than the latter.  I know that I try to give options that vary in price, but the choices I’ve chosen to share (although a little expensive) are great investment pieces for your winter wardrobe.  Better to buy 1 really amazing hat that you LOVE wearing, you will have for years,  and that you feel really confident in then buying a slew of cheaper hats that you feel obliged to wear due to inclement weather (but that you secretly feel really unattractive in 😦 ).

First selection is by Eugenia Kim:  Elie Beanie $288  503002235

Sunghee Bang:  Alyson Beanie $195 


Eugenia Kim:  Jill Beanie $215


Lastly,  I can not seem to find it online, but if I did I would buy this hat (as worn by Jennifer Aniston) in a heartbeat.  How absolutely gorgeous does J. Aniston look in this hat?!  It’s the Eugenia Kim Samantha newsboy cap in cream and black boucle 100% wool.  Gorgeous!


Stay warm friends and I will be back shortly with more cold weather picks and some fun last minute Christmas ideas!  xoxoxo

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