Holiday Party Prep!

With the onset of the Holiday season upon us, before we’ve even had time to put away our summer short shorts (I’m talking to you Meg O’C), it is imperative that we take the proper steps to best prepare ourselves for the Holiday soirees.  NYC has seemed to multiply the number of holiday parties it throws, with each passing year.    Another 2 or 3 new outfits to buy?  No.  I’ve outlined a few simple steps to ensuring that you look your absolute best all whilst keeping your bank account away from cries of Anorexia.

Often, one thinks that the key to looking one’s best for the holidays is dependant upon purchasing a new outfit.  I’m here to say that this theory is very far from reality.  Although people may appreciate a fun top or dress, people are more drawn to you and not what you are wearing.

The best advice I can dole out to one looking to look their best this holiday season, without murdering their bank account in search of the perfect outfit, is just put forth your absolute best version of “you.” You don’t need to buy a new outfit that will cost you a month’s rent to be an absolute show-stopper at your office Christmas Party.

I’m going to outline the essentials party prep rituals necessary for making you look amazing this holiday season!

1.  If a picture is worth a thousand words than a great smile is worth a million!  The best way to get a great smile?  Brighten those teeth for the holiday parties!  12 months of daily coffees and a summer full of acidic (and staining fruits) like blueberries and raspberries warrant a little TLC in the tooth department.  I have tried about every home whitening treatment around and I am very confidant in recommending Crest Whitening Strips to anyone and everyone reading!  Your pearly whites will get considerably whiter with just one treatment and will have all of your fellow party-goers marveling at your beautiful teeth and smile!  It is seriously a conversation starter.  If you are looking to get the attention of a fellow co-worker and / or  acquaintance at an upcoming soiree then I would recommend this 100%  Nothing invites someone in as warmly as a beautiful white smile.  I love love love these!  Especially for this time of year when you are running into and talking with a billion people!



2.  A great glow is a necessity for the holiday party season.  We may all be freezing with pale skin, but now is the time to fake it!  There are some truly phenomenal spray tanning salons in NYC, but my fave is Glamourela Salon.  Maxine is the best!  However, she books up fast, so book early.  She has a really great easy-to-use online booking system too.

Suite 803

New York, New York 10016


Tuesdays 2-7pm
Wednesday 2-7pm
Thursday 12-6pm
Friday 12-6pm
Saturday 12-4pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

If you are unable to get a really good tanning session there is an alternate route.  The good old tan wipe.  Don’t be intimidated by this option.  It is actually very easy.  The one thing that you must do before doing a tan wipe is taking a hot shower and doing a thorough exfoliation session.  Once you are dried and your hair is up and out-of-the-way it is time to towel wipe your way to tanness.  I really love the L’Oreal Sublime wipes because I feel as though they are truly impossible to screw up.  I start on my arms and chest and then lightly do my face, then it’s on to my stomach and then lastly my legs.  You open the towellette along the way as you smooth it all over your body.  It is very self-explanatory and very hard to become blotchy.  Again, my best advice is to do it after you are fully dried (from an fully exfolliated shower).


3.  The Blow out!!  The blow out!  The blow out!  I apologize to all of the lovely women at the nail salons that have helped me over the years, but I must say it “Forget the manicure!  The Blowout is the new ‘Feel-Good’ expenditure for an amazing night out!”  Nothing gives you quite the same bounce in your step or quite the same air of confidence as a truly amazing blowout!.    Drybar has just made all of your hair fantasies come true!   I’m a huge fan of the “Cosmo-Tai!”  All blowdrys are only $40-  with tip that’s only $50!  cappuccinos and champagne are complimentary and the decor is girly and fun!  You walk out feeling like a million bucks and you’ve only spent $50.  Best part?  The blow drys are done so well that they last for days!  This is the best pick-me-up  expenditure around!  Thank me later gals 🙂  The look I always request is called a “Cosmo-Tai” It’s a combo of loose curls and messy beach waves:

cosmo-two__large  ++++mai-tai__large

4.  Do your nails yourself!  Let’s face it.  You’re not made of $ and the blowdry wins the battle of “What should I get?” when it come to blowdry vs manicure.  There is nothing I hate more than feeling like I can’t touch anything for hours after a manicure.  This is literally why I can not stand manicures.  I love pedicures.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m only human.  Manicure though?  No.  Uh torture.  Lately I’ve gotten in the habit of doing my own and it is super simple.  Essie’s “Potato Fields” is my simple color of choice and after I paint one thin coat over my nails I wait 3 minutes and then apply Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat!  I’m legit obsessed.  I love simple clean nails.  I like nails that look clean and “un-done.”  You will never see me rocking a “tuxedo” manicure or vamp nails.  Simple pale pink and “un-done.”  That’s me!  This product is amazing!  I clean my nails.  File them in a soft rounded shape, apply one coat of Essie’s “potato fields” and wait 3 minutes and the apply a coat of this Sally Hansen stuff and within seconds my hands are dry-to-the-touch!  Thank you lord!  I can use my hands!  This stuff is less than $5 and priceless at the same time!  You must get it!


Chin up and knock ’em dead ladies!  🙂

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