The Hot Pink Lip!


For the last few years I’ve noticed a very particular makeup trend amongst New York women.  As soon as the weather starts to get cold and our skin loses that golden summer glow women immediately grab their red lipstick and transition their makeup routine to showcase their red lip.   I can appreciate the glamour of the bold red lip, but I’ve grown tired of seeing it.  It used to be like an exciting siting like “Oh look at that girl with the red lipstick.  That looks cool!”  It was like seeing a beauty Big Foot, rare and cool.  However now it has grown so popular that it has lost it’s wow factor.  The red lip has become almost mundane and /or tired because it has become a staple of winter makeup here in NYC.  Also, I think that the red lip can make the wearer look a bit older.

A trend that I’ve been picking up on lately and that I couldn’t be more ready to embrace is the bright pink lip!  The pink lip is more youthful and fun!  The components of the bright pink lipstick routine are the same as that of the red lip.  One must lighten up on the makeup and let the lip do the talking.  What is great about the bright pink lip is that it looks good on every skin tone and goes with every hair color.

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–  Keep your actual face makeup light.  A light dusting of bareMinerals “Mineral Veil” all over your face to start.  This will even out your skin tone and make your skin appear flawless (this stuff is seriously amazing).


–  If you want a little bit of a glow then follow up with a light dusting of your favorite bronzer.  I love NARS Laguna.  It’s been a staple in my makeup bag for the last 6 years.


–  Hit concealer in all of the necessary spots (for me it’s under the eyes and around the nose).

–  Next sweep a pale pink shadow with a bit of shimmer all over your eyelid.  I ended up using Sonia Kashuk Loose Mineral Powder in Angelica and I loved the look.  I just tried to find a link on line, but it appears to be sold out (bummer).  That said, Emma Stone completely exemplified the bright pink lip look at the 2011 Met Gala and her makeup artist used this shimmering pink shadow (on the left) from the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow palette in “Lilium.”



–  Now it’s time to line the upper lash line with black liquid liner.  It is up to you whether you decide to do a cat eye or not (the ever-so-slight sweep upwards), but the most important thing is to define the upper lash line with a thin coat of liquid eyeliner.  Lining the upper lash line makes your lashes appear more full and lush.  It also makes your eyes appear bigger!  I tend to just do a very very thin line right on my lash line (hence filling in all of the spaces between my lashes).  You don’t need to spend a fortune on a liquid eyeliner.  I’m a huge fan of Sephora’s liquid liner and it’s only $12.


–  After waiting several minutes for the liquid liner to truly dry you will want to curl your lashes.  Hands down thee absolute best eyelash curler in the world is the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.  It is simply the best.  Recently a friend said “Oh but you can’t get it here in the U.S. anymore” and that is absolutely not true.  Although Sephora no longer carries it you can find it on Amazon and Shu Uemura’s U.S. site.  This is the only Eyelash curler you should buy.  The pad is the sturdiest and gives the best curl.  Buy it and then thank me 🙂  Start by curling right next to the lash line and squeeze, then gently walk the eyelash curler up through the length of your lashes squeezing along the way.


–  Follow up next with a sweep of mascara.  Again, do not spend a fortune on mascara.  I’m a huge fan of drugstore mascaras.  Plus mascara is only good for 3 month tops.  Lately I’ve been a fan of L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.  It’s really great and it’s extremely black.  I’ve had several people ask if my lashes were real when I’ve been wearing it.  Nice!


–  Next a little peach or soft pink blush.  I’m a huge fan of Sonia Kashuk creme blush in petal.  It may seem bright, but you just need a tiny bit and it really gives you a great glow.


–  Another option is the winner of Allure Magazine’s “Best of Beauty 2012” and that is Maybelline’s “Peach Satin” bouncy blush.  I’m going to have to grab this one.  It’s received great reviews and it an absolute steal at under $7.  Not to mention, the subtle hue of this blush will work perfectly with the subtle makeup required to pull off the bright pink lip look!
–  Prep your lips!  I recommend exfoliating your lips first.  You want your lips to be smooth and soft, so that they take in the pigment of the lipstick in a smooth and luxurious manner.  So, start by wetting your lips with warm water and then take a little bit of sugar (yup granulated white or brown will do) and rub the sugar all over your lips.  Exfoliate your lips with the sugar.  (If a little goes into your mouth no problemo it’s just sugar).  After rubbing the raw sugar on your lips for about a minute, rinse your lips off with warm water.  Pat your lips dry and smooth on an ever-so-thin layer of vaseline to moisturize your lips (you just want to apply enough to prevent your lips from chapping).
–  Now it’s time for the bright pink Lip.  I am a big fan of Peony Pink lipstick from Face Stockholm for J. Crew.  I got it towards the end of the summer and absolutely love it.  I see that it’s currently sold out on the J. Crew website.  That said, Face Stockholm has over 170 lipstick colors to choose from, so you should definitely check out their site!
You might also want to try these inexpensive hot pink lipsticks from the drugstores:
Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick
in Persian Melon
Wet N Wild Lip Shine Lipstick
in 511B
NYX Lipstick in Narcissus
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick
in Dizzy
Enjoy your fabulous new look!

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