The Nighttime Routine

In order to wake up looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (especially during the colder winter months) it is essential to perfect your night-time routine.  Any woman over the age of 13 has one.  When we were young it was so finite, so simple brush teeth -> wash face -> bed.  With each new year the night-time routine seems to get a little longer and more detailed, but I wanted to share some of my products and routines because after a lot of trial and error I have found some great easy products that work wonders and don’t cost a month’s rent.


–  Eye Makeup Remover:


Voila!  Yup.  That tube of vaseline in your medicine cabinet is being neglected.  The best thing to remove eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara is simple and cheap:   Vaseline.  I smear vaseline all over my eye area (careful not to get it in my eyes of course) and then wet a cotton ball with hot water and wipe away the makeup.  Vaseline is so gentle that it’s great for removing makeup from the delicate skin around your eyes.

–  Face Wash:


I have been a “Neutrogena Girl” since high school and I seriously am of the mindset that the simpler your facial wash is the better.  I love Liquid Neutrogena.  It is gentle and leaves my skin clean and refreshed.  It’s also inexpensive at about $9 a bottle.

–  Whatever facial wash you are partial to, pairing these texturized gloves from Swissco to your nightly face-washing routine will brighten and soften your skin exponentially.  These gloves come in a variety of colors (I have the pink) and they are only $4 and they are amazing!  They really scrub away all the makeup and debris and leave your face smooth and bright!  These are a must!!


–  One might think that texturized exfoliating gloves for washing your face are enough, but I’m an overachiever, so I also am a huge fan of the Olay Spinbrush.  It is a fraction of the cost of the Clarisonic and works just as well.  If I’m wearing a lot of makeup and really want to make sure that my skin is completely clean of makeup I will wash my face with Neutrogena face wash and texturized gloves and then follow-up with a round of Neutrogena and the Olay spin brush.  OCD? Hmm…Yes probably 🙂


–  Neutrogena Clear Pore astringent is the next step of the routine.  Removing any residual makeup and grime.  It’s great and a steal at only about $5

clear pore,-Clear,-Pore,-Oil,/Detail#.UowAoxyIg-I

–  Night Serum is the next step.  I’ve tried every kind, from the drugstore brands to the $90 bottles at Sephora.  This one is my absolute fave!  My skin literally glows because of this stuff!  My sister and I are religiously obsessed with it and it is not going to break the bank.  You just take 2-3 drops from the dropper and smooth all over your face.  You can follow with moisturizer at night, but I never do.  The serum seems to be enough for my skin.  It’s amaze!!!!


It’s on sale at right now for $17!

–  Lastly, here comes the Vaseline again.  Every night before bed I apply vaseline to my eyelids and eyelashes.  I smooth it on my eyelids and into my lashes and I’m convinced that is why my lashes don’t break and fall out as frequently as they used to.  They have also been growing longer.  The tears that your eye produces are salty and thereby dry out your lashes.  By applying vaseline to them at night you are naturally conditioning the lashes and preventing them from drying out overnight due to tear secretion and dry air.  (If I have time and remember to run to my kitchen during my nightly routine, I will sometimes apply olive oil to my lashes and then apply Vaseline over the olive oil to lock in the moisture to my lashes).  I also apply a generous amount of vaseline to my lips and I’m telling you that this is amazing too because I never wake up with dry lips (Yuck!)

Olive-oil-bottle-sm   ++++vaseline11

That’s about it.  Floss brush and try to get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep 🙂

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