Helmut Lang Sample Sale New Yorkers!

–  Hello All!  I’m off to get some much needed beauty rest after a fun night with friends, but I would feel guilty if I did not share that my venture to today’s sample sale at Helmut Lang was most DEFINITELY worth it!  The sale has two locations and I, being the over-achieving shopper that I am (with too much time on my hands) attended both.    You have the option of going to 75 9th Avenue (Chelsea Market)  or going to 261 West 36th Street (the Clothingline location – 2nd Floor).  Both locations were great.

The Chelsea Market was definitely a bit more frenetic seeing as how it is a tourist attraction as it is.  A sample sale just adds to the frenzy.  That said.  if you are looking for the Helmut Lang leather pants your best bet is the Chelsea Market location.  They had a better array of blazers and pants.  However, the Clothingline location on West 36th seemed to have more dresses available.

I was lucky enough to snag this amazing dress and for $137!! (at the West 36th Street location) Originally priced at over $600!  The sale was extended to this weekend, so you still have time!  Definitely try to check it out.  You won’t be sorry.


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