Wine Glasses

I love beautiful wine glasses.  I’m a sucker for a beautiful wine glass and when I’m at a party or even out to dinner I always notice wine glasses.  I think that investing in beautiful stemware is the best way to tszuj up a simple get together.  The holidays are almost upon us and I love having people over for a glass (or 5) of wine.  These gorgeous handcrafted glasses are from Italy and although they may seem a bit pricey at $35 a glass they are well worth the investment. These are timeless and beautiful and another plus is that they are stemless.  Over the years I have gone through about a million (slight over exaggeration but only slight) stemmed wine glasses due to people inadvertantly knocking them over.  The fancier and thinner the stem of the wine glass the more easily they seemed to inadvertantly get swiped off of a counter and become a shattered mess.   I love that these gorgeous glasses are stemless and, thereby, more stable (and not top-heavy).  Stemless glasses are a tad more difficult to knock over and break.  These glasses can be purchased from Gracious Home and I am absolutely partial to the clear version of this glass, but all variations are truly lovely.  I think that the clear version of this glass would really make a nice glass of red pop against the delicate perle detailing.


–  I just stumbled up on these and I am obsessed with the turqoise version of this glass.  I love pops of color, but sometimes colored wine glasses can look cheesy or cheap.  These have a great shape and the color choices are tasteful and beautiful.  These are from Anthropologie.  So cute!

anthro glass

-Whilst searching through One Kings Lane’s website, which I periodically do, I came across these gorgeous tumblers.  The site description nails it:  “Mouth-blown and handmade in Mexico using recycled glass, these luminous artisanal tumblers are spotted with gorgeous flecks of vivid color.”  I feel as though I would really use these most in the summer.  I see myself using these for frozen margaritas or mojitos, but they are gorgeous whenever you decide to use them:



–  When it comes to white wine one should really use stemmed glasses.  The heat from your hand heats up the glass (and therefore the liquid in the glass) when you use stemless (which is why I prefer to use stemless for red).  However, white wine should stay cold and crisp, so stemmed glasses are really a necessity for white, prosecco, and of course champagne.  I really love these simple beautiful white wine glasses from Restoration Hardware and right now they are on sale!  Woot woot!


–  Another great place to go for beautiful and classic stemware is Crate and Barrel.  The thing that is really great about getting stemware from here is the fact that you know you can get a replacement glass if one happens to break.   I always like to talk to a salesperson when I go to Crate and Barrel and ask them which glasses / plates etc. are items that the story has always carried, thereby insuring that I can pick up replacements for broken or chipped items in the future.    I really love these glasses and have about 6 of them.  I know that they are a “Red Wine Glass” but I tend to use these for white because (as I stated earlier) I prefer stemless glasses for red.  At $5 a glass these are a steal and just so easy and classic :


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