Beautiful and Simple Makeup Brush Holder

My morning rush to get ready looks like something out of a thriller movie.  I am running at a fanatical pace  (as if I’m being chased) and the one thing that I always notice when I come home at night is that my makeup brushes are sprawled out in different areas.  If my life were a J.J. Abrams movie one might think that the strange various locations that the brushes are left in are some type of sinister cryptic code, but alas they are not.  The problem is that I never want to tuck my (just used) makeup brushes into my nice Prada makeup bag.  I can’t stand when the residue from my makeup brushes leaves such an array of colorful dust that it looks like the inside of my makeup bag attended “burning man” without me. I have found a wonderful solution which I will be implementing ASAP – A sort of Feng Shui for my makeup utensils.  I am going to be doing this:


So simple and beautiful at the same time and such a better way to store makeup brushes.   I really love the clear pebbles.  It is so simple and pretty.

I plan on picking up an inexpensive glass vase like this one for only $4!

I’m going to pick up some clear pebbles, which can be found online or at any craft store.

–  This is also a really cute idea and the person who created this makeup holder explained that they loved that the coffee beans had such a great aroma (not bad when you are getting ready in the a.m.).


Lastly I have to give props to Sara at who got very creative with her makeup organization.  I love that she used different sized glasses and containers and different colored dried beans and grains- Kudos lady!  What is great about this is that you can repurpose a simple water glass into a stylish makeup brush container for a few day-to-day brushes.  I don’t have a slew of makeup brushes, so I am thinking of just repurposing a simple water glass or tumbler into a holder.  See Sara’s masterful organization here:


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