Beautiful Brows

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and beauty experts say that the eyebrows frame your face, so why not frame your face and soul with the perfect brow?  Women are always trying to figure out the one thing that transforms their face and if you haven’t figured it out already “Eyebrows” are it.  If you look at some of the most beautiful women in the world, past and present, you will notice that all of them had tremendous eyebrows.  Although I can’t promise to transform you into Meghan Fox, I can provide you with some of the necessar tools, so that you can achieve her sought-after brows.

Meghan Fox eyebrows

–       First things first-  If you are nervous about “messing with” your brows, then I recommend going to a professional for a brow-shaping.  Go to a pro!  Do not go to a nail salon to get your brows waxed! They overwax and don’t really know what looks best.  They are simply trying to get rid of hairs.  You want someone who is going to give you a precise template for how to best frame your face and a guide for future tweezing.  Also, the skin around the eyes is very delicate and many aestheticians and brow specialists believe that the vigurous act of pulling the skin with wax weighs down the skin, over time, resulting in drooping lids.  Tweeze ladies.  Please tweeze.  Research the web for brow specialists in your area and look at reviews and choose someone with a good rep.  Once you have gone and have been transformed into the glamorous version of yourself that you always knew was hiding within, I advise in acquiring the following to keep your brows beautiful and groomed.

1.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil –  This pencil is amazing and every woman should have this.  The description for this pencil could not be more accurate: An ultraslim mechanical pencil to shape, define, and fill in your brows for a natural, polished look. You can order it online, but I would recommend heading in to your local Sephora, so that you can determine the right shade for you.  This pencil will change your brows, and thereby your face, and it is only $21.  You can find it online at Ulta, Nordstrom, and Sephora and many other beauty sites I’m sure 🙂



2.  A clear mascara / brow gel is essential.  I am seeing a lot of extremely over-priced clear brow gels at beauty stores like sephora but there is no need to pay a ton of $ for a clear brow gel.  The cosmetics companies have clever marketing executives who try to convince you that you need to pay $22 for a clear brow gel, but it is all a gimmick.  Go to your local drug store and pick up a clear mascara / brow gel from a tried-and-true drugstore cosmetics brand like “Cover Girl” or “Maybelline.”  Maybelline makes a clear version of their ultra popular great lash mascara and it is an absolute steal at just over $4.  You want to use a clear brow / mascara to smooth hairs in one direction and keep them in place, creating a clean sleek finish to your brows.  All of you fellow Irish girls with unruly brows know what I’m talking about!


3.  A great set of tweezers!  This is an obvious one, but I’d figure I’d give you my top pick.  Tweezerman slant tweezers have been the top choice for brow gurus and beauty editors for years and now they also offer a free sharpening service for your tweezers!  Even better, there is no way someone will “mistakenly” take your tweezers (thinking it was their pair) with these specially designed tweezers now available courtesy of designer Cynthia Rowley.  So cute and so efficient Tweezerman tweezers are a must.

t_1c7728ad73b32f6c4692af3d61941600Cynthia_Lt_Blue_Slant t_245205119acb323359cbe4a39204747dCynthia_Cobalt_Blue

4.  A brow highlighter.  In order to accentuate the shape and arch of your brow it is a good idea to use a brow highlighter.  This highlighter can be in the shape of a shadow, pencil, or even a concealer.  The idea here is to use a natural nude color that is a shade lighter than the rest of your eye area.  I know some women that just dab a bit of light concealer under their brow bone, and that actually works very well and is a nice natural touch.  I happen to be very partial to Stila’s eyeshadow in “kitten.”  I have been using it for years and if it every gets discontinued I will be absolutely lost.  It is a nude colored shadow with an ever-so-slight shimmer that really makes the brow pop.  I also use a touch of this shadow in the inner corner of my eyes to make my eyes pop and look more awake.  This is available at Sephora:


As luck would have it, for the NYC girls out there, Gilt City is currently selling vouchers for 50% off brow sculptings at Damone Roberts.  Only $35!  Grab the deal while it lasts:

Lastly I just want to add that the fuller the brow the more youthful one looks.  Embrace your full brows and do not over pluck!  If your brows are naturally thin, fear not, I have provided the appropriate tools (above) to fake a fat and fabulous brow 🙂

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