Fall Lusts and Musts!

With the crisp Fall air whipping around every NYC corner that I turn down, I figured now would be a good time to post about my Fall Lusts and Musts.  

1.  A good pair of skinny and / or straight leg jeans.   We all need multiples of these jean staples as the time has come to showcase our amazing boot collection!  Here are some of my favorites:

–  The A.G. Stilt jeans are great and they come in a variety of shades and destruction levels.  I’m partial to the destructed look as worn by Cameron Diaz.



–  Another great place to look for skinny jeans is GAP.  It is especially good for tall girls like myself.  My biggest problem when shopping for jeans is finding a pair with a long or extra long inseam.  GAP is great because they offer both!  Also, they are so affordable!  I hit a 40% online sale recently and picked up 3 pairs for about $100!  I have three different versions of the GAP skinny jean,  but I must say the Black pair is my go-to pair in terms of black skinny jeans.


Another essential in the jeans department is the grey skinny.  I was wearing my grey skinny TopShop jeans more than I wore my black skinnies last winter.  The reason?  Black tops pop so nicely off a lighter-colored denim.  When you wear all black in the winter you seem to disappear into the abyss.  With a plethora of black tops that I wear in the winter, my grey skinnies complimented those tops more than my blue or black denim.  Although I can’t find my specific pair of skinnies from the TopShop site at the moment, they still have a great assortment.  My pair is the MOTO Grey baxter (but I have a darker wash than the one currently on the site).


Another pair I stumbled upon, that I’m coveting are those worn by none other than Gisele – the pair is made by Black Orchid:

gisele bundchen in grey skinny jeans by black orchid with black suede ankle sneakers in boston on october 4 2013 what she wore celebrity style


2. A Great Tall Boot.   I am starting out with my absolute Lust!  My former boss had these and they made every outfit look cool.  These are totally on my “Must buy soon” list.  Drum roll please……The Jimmy Choo Yule Boot.  If Kate Moss rocks them then I want them and here they are:

kate-moss-jimmy-choo-yule-leather-biker-boots  kate-hudson-Jimmy-choo-yule-boot


Okay I can’t even post more about boots because I’m so hung up on these boots.  Uh.  Obsessed.

3.  A Great Statement Coat.  Okay, so I definitely tend to look towards Kate Moss for fashion inspiration and she is always photographed in these leopard print (or cheetah print) fur coats.  Yes coats, plural.  She has a few versions.  One is short and I think it was a TopShop coat from last season.  The other one is a vintage fur, so of course I can’t snag the same one as her, but I’ve been on a hunt.  I’ve hunted high a low for a nice looking faux fur leopard print coat and I found this really cute one from a company called “Unreal Fur” based out of Australia.  The company specializes in faux fur coats and they are really cute.  This one is available at Anthropologie.com

Anthropologie faux fur

–  I think this coat is absolutely adorable and it’s totally affordable at $269!  It’s from Zara and it’s their Duffle Coat with Fur Hood.  I absolutely love it as is, but if I got this coat I would probably see if I could switch out the toggles and fasteners to a more natural color so that it would pop against the grey and match the fur collar.

Zara coat with fur hood Zara duffle coat with fur hood


–  Another essential is a great leather jacket.  I especially love the contrast between a tough looking moto jacket and a girlie dress!  Here are some amazing finds that are now available on http://www.theoutnet.com.  The first is from Muubaa:

Muubaa Athena leather jacket


There are simply no words for how amazing this Rick Owens metallic leather jacket is……I need a moment…ahh ok I’m back.  It is 70% off on outnet too!

Rick Owens metallic leather jacket


I am going to end with the perfect “fancy night” coat.  All of you ladies know what I’m talking about and I’m sure you can especially relate when you are frantically trying to find a coat that appropriately matches the “fanciness” of the night without having to rely on your tired years-old black pea coat (yawn).  I have found the answer and that answer has been provided by Kate Spade.  The beautiful cream color, slight swing shape and faux fur collar compromise all of the components of the perfect “fancy night” coat.  How gorgeous!  (I’d like to add that whoever styled the photo for Kate Spade’s website did a great job because this is a coat to be worn over a dress or skirt).  I present the Briella Coat:

Kate Spade Briella coatKate Spade Briella coat- lining


2 responses to “Fall Lusts and Musts!

    • My pleasure and I agree that nothing beats a great coat! (Especially for us NYC gals- it’s like our version of a car because it’s what we’re always seen buzzing around town in). Be sure to check back and let me know if there are any fashion or beauty topics you’d like to see covered!

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